Discover What The #1 Killer Will Be During Any Crisis, Disaster or Economic Breakdown!
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This Begins With The Painful Story How I Lost My Youngest Son During Katrina


It wasn't the thunderstorm's impact that killed him, nor was it the huge floods that followed. It wasn’t even the lack of food, water or shelter that our family endured that caused him to meet his end.


1 Katrina Aftermath 2


Something No Amount of Weapons, Bullets, or Military Training Could Shield You From, And It’s Something That Promises To Hit You, Too, During Any Certain Catastrophe

I'm about to tell you everything there is to know about this silent killer, exactly what it is and the exact steps you can take to prevent any harm to you or your family. After years of research, I understood that what I’m about to reveal to you is the only way to conquer the odds when the death toll rises into the millions during a crisis.

This bullet-proof approach that I’m about to reveal to you is guaranteed to make sure that you stay safe and shield your family from almost any disaster.

2 Death Toll

In Hindsight, I Wish I Had This Life-Saving Advice Before The Katrina Crisis. You Will Understand What I Mean After You Read This

After hurricane Katrina hit, I believed my family and I had endured the worst of it. However, I could not have foreseen the remarkable turn of events that would come, which eventually lead to the passing of my son.

You see, even though he had no visible wounds, and despite the fact which he was healthy as an ox before the storm came, my son began started to get sick. I took him to the emergency room, which ended up being the biggest mistake I could have made.

The odor of death was overwhelming when we got to the hospital. Everywhere I looked, corpses covered in white sheets filled the hallways. The hospital was packed like a sardine can, and survivors were barely clinging on to their lives.

Adults and children alike were all facing pending doom, wheezing, coughing and bleeding. Without getting into details, let’s just say it was like walking onto the set of a viral outbreak movie.

4 Hospital Bodies

This Is When Things Started To Get Worse

To make a long story short, my weakened son and I stood in the emergency room all day, begging for someone to help us.

We were compelled to sleep on the floor, waiting for someone to tend to our needs. As we did, my son’s health continued to deteriorate. He was shivering and vomiting the whole time we waited for someone to acknowledge us in that hospital.

Meanwhile, nurses and physicians were literally running from one location to the other, unable to keep up with the work load.

They had to prioritize by treating those who were in the most critical of stages, In fact, after the hurricane, physicians and nurses were convicted for "speeding up" the death procedure in specific patients because they could not keep up.

And on that night, somewhere between 3am to 4am, my son died in my arms.

6 Dieing in my arms

Days Later, I Discovered He Expired From A Little Wound On His Ankle. He Got A Vibrio Infection From The Polluted Floodwater


Imagine how I felt when I found out my son died because of a tiny cut on his ankle. I was enraged, angry with the doctors, the nurses, the hospital staff…even the county’s entire health guide!

I felt stupid for being so naive to have this blind trust in our health care guide. If only I knew what I know today, I know for a fact I could have saved him. And this is the exact reason I'm discussing this story with you right now.

I'd Like To Pass To You This Information, So That You Will Know What To Do If You Have The Misfortune Of Being In This Situation


Look: I used to believe the largest dangers in any disaster were due to a deficiency of food, water, or shelter, but after my son's death, I soon realized that all of these things were useless without the appropriate tools to take care of yourself.

7 Infected Cut

The Truth Is, The #1 Killer In Any Catastrophe Is Disease And Viral Infections

It does not matter if it comes from an earthquake, a terrorist attack, or the collapse of the dollar. One of the first things to kill most people in any crisis is a disease or illness. It took me years to get over what occurred. I wanted feedback. I talked to friends and physicians and I studied for months, and what I discovered made my jaw drop to the floor.

Most Americans think our medical system is the same as other first world nations. That’s what I used to think, too. However, the fact of the matter is that our medical system is a "ticking bomb" waiting to "burst"! The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) rates our medical system with D (with some states receiving an F-minus!).

So whenever a disaster or a major crisis event strikes, be mindful that your closest hospital will very likely be overflowing with sick people, and the staff, try as they may, probably won’t be able to help you.

4 Hospital Bodies 2

During Katrina, Non-Threatening Illnesses Turned Fatal Due To Lack Of Supplies And Medicine

Imagine what would occur if we faced a national disaster! Hospitals would be packed to the brim within hours - or worse - closed down across the country. Nobody would be able to treat people because our medical guide is not prepared for the patients they will likely be inundated with.

In such events, if you tried to treat yourself with medicine, chances are you wouldn’t be able to find it, as drugstores would shut down, or get ransacked. Trucks cease to deliver items whenever there is a pending disaster, whether it’s a terrorist attack, natural disaster or economic meltdown. Whatever supplies are in a drugstore would likely be emptied out within minutes.

3 Survived The Worst Katrina

Here's The Worst Part:

When the hurricane hit, it knocked out both power and running water in New Orleans. When the power guide is down, sewage and water guides get neglected, and as such, raw sewage contaminates the water supply beyond repair.

So, with no clean running water, no electricity and no access to medication, in conjunction with an overflowing hospital that’ can’t help stop whatever is ailing you or your loved ones, everyone is at serious risk!

And The Brutal Reality: The Biggest Danger For Worldwide Catastrophe Is Undetectable To The Naked Eye


Part of the reason for that is due to our nation spending a tremendous amount of tax dollars on war prevention and military force, yet failed to invest in a guide to halt an outbreak.

In 2014, the world averted an international Ebola outbreak, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers (and maybe a little good luck). In retrospect, we didn’t have a guide to prevent it or quarantine it, mostly because we are oblivious to this danger. Health workers treated the individuals infected and were able to prevent the virus from propagating.

Ebola does not propagate through the atmosphere. It’s so infectious most people were gravely sick before they are even hospitalized. Fortunately, the virus didn't travel to urban areas. 10.000 individuals died from Ebola before the spread ceased.

12 Carrying Eboli Body Bags

Whether It’s A Chemical Attack Or A Disaster Crisis Of Some Sort, Infectious Disease And Viruses Will Rapidly Spread Throughout Your Community

All this time I was under the impression that we, as taxpayers, finance medical care, thinking that by doing so, we will be taken care of when necessary. It turns out, our medical system isn’t that organized.

After my son's death, I realized how oblivious I had been to the real danger, and how defenseless we all are, thanks to the failure of our entire medical infrastructure.

I could not live with the idea of going through something like this again. I knew I had to do something, so I researched like a scholar, discovering nothing but tips on how to stockpile medication, or how to perform first aid training.

7a Emergency Doc

As Essential As It Is To Learn First-Aid Training, It’s Designed For One Thing And One Thing Only - To Prepare Someone For A Hospital Visit

In A Crisis, The Last Place You Want To End Up Is At An Over-Crowded Hostpital

With no answers coming up through endless hours of research, one day I stumbled across an article about Romania. It was then that I realized the solution on how to save us from catastrophes like Katrina or a bio-attack was not in our nation, but in poorer countries. Romania is one of the poorest nations in Eastern Europe, and in much worse condition than many African states.

Their entire national health budget is $2.6 billion, which is two times less than John Hopkins' Hospital s budget for in a year! I discovered that quite commonly, Romanian physicians are forced to treat their patients only during day-light hours, due to power and electrical circumstances out of their control.

Worse, patients have access to just $811 worth of treatment. In the U.S., a patient's life is worth more than $8,000, and yet individuals of all ages are saved every year with simple medical techniques and generic drugs. And guess what? They stay alive and healthy. 2 years ago I found a Romanian physician willing to help me. Though he was a general surgeon, he wasn’t your typical first world doctor.

The physician graduated from medical school in Romania, but was trained outside the first world’s comfort zone of endless supplies and technology, where doctors pay out of their own pocket to get medical supplies to treat patients. Then he moved to Germany, one of the world's leaders in medicine.

When I asked him how he managed to keep so many people living without modern medicine and with so little money in Romania, I was shocked by his answer.

The physician revealed to me that…

16 Romainian Doc Treating Patience

80% Of The Worst Medical Conditions Are Activated By The Same Shortlist Of Causes, And If You Could Identify These Causes, You Could Avert Nearly Every Serious Infection Or Disease During Most Any Crisis

I told him about my son, and if it was possible for me to learn how to save someone from what he suffered from. He taught me a few of tricks that can make the difference between life and death, especially when there is no doctor around.

I wanted to share the shocking solutions to health issues that I learned.  

I asked the physician if he would be willing to help me create a program to prevent, treat and even save lives during a major crisis. He didn't need much convincing because he wanted to share his knowledge with the world for YEARS.

20 High Tech Equipt

He Also Told Me That Modern-Day Doctors Are Clueless When It Comes To "Survival Medicine". They Rely Too Much On Technology, And Are Helpless Without It

We spent the next 3 months putting the material together. When we had our first draft, I revealed it to some friends of mine, who were all blown away. They kept saying that "this is the lost piece of the puzzle". "This program should be on everybody's bookshelf".

This Is How The "Survival Medic MD" Guide Came To Life!

It is the only complete medical survival guide for the laymen. The Survival Medic MD guide shows you how to treat yourself and your family members in an emergency when doctors, drugstores and hospitals are shut down.

It's a simple and straight forward, step by step plan, and you don’t need any medical training to learn everything it teaches you. Best of all, it’s inexpensive, easy to comprehend (without medical jargon). This ground-breaking guide shows you the way to prevent and even treat the deadliest of diseases you'll be faced with during a major catastrophe.

21 Battle Field Treatment

If You Dedicate Just 10 Minutes A Day Going Through The Plan For The Next 10 Days, You Will Know More About Medical Survival During A Crisis Than Any First World Doctor


During A Crisis, ALL Others Will Look To You Because You'll Know What To Do. You Will Become Invaluable At Saving Lives


Here's Just A Peek Of What You Can Expect To Find In This Crash Course:

  • Learn how to isolate and determine the issue that needs treatment immediately. This will not only save someone’s life, it will save you time and agony trying to figure out what’s wrong with the person. Third world country physicians use this technique, which hasn’t been revealed to the American public.

  • Learn what medicine and supplies are critical to stockpile. You'll find what kinds of medicine to use for specific illnesses. You’ll learn all of this in the shortest time possible.

  • You will learn which drugs you may have taken that prevents your body from healing itself, as some medicine does more harm than good when improperly administered.

  • You'll learn how exactly what to assemble for a purposeful first aid kit, which differs from most generic packages sold at retail shops. The kit comprises of nine lifesaving items to always have in your kit.

  • You will discover the 5 most probable fatality causes in the aftermath of a catastrophe. It may sound bizarre, 80% of illnesses can be warded off if you focus on specifics.

And that’s not all. Inside the Survival Medic MD guide, you will discover the worst medical errors that can be made in a crisis, such as:

  • What not to do if you are ever stabbed. There are two essential processes to prevent bleeding to death or getting an illness (it took the physician nine years of medical school to learn this).

  • Why you should never use a plastic bag or wet bandages to cover a wound. Doing so will raise your risk of infection or death!

  • You will learn the way to set fix a dislocated shoulder. It’s a lot simpler than you may think!

  • You will learn how to master a perfectly safe procedure that perplexes several first world physicians. This "forbidden medical secret" is a major life saver in the event of calamity (and hospitals charge hundreds of dollars for it).

  • You'll also find out where and how to get a several months’ worth of prescription medications, including a best-kept-secret for obtaining behind-the-counter drugs without being prescribed for them.


And This Is Merely A Taste Of What Is Inside...

The Survival Medic MD guide teaches you how to keep you and your family alive while waiting for accessible professional help, no matter how long it may take. You won’t discover these secrets in a medical library, on the Internet, or anywhere else.

The Survival Medic MD guide isn’t just another guide, it’s a set of accurate medical techniques required for real life ordeals.

18 Simple Medical Treatment Technique

Once You Have This Guide, You Will Become A Priceless Asset. You Will Have The ULTIMATE Tool You Can Use To BARTER For Anything  


You’ll Be The One Family, Friends And Complete Stranges Will Turn To In A Crisis So Be Prepared


We're used to going to the drugstore whenever we get a minor cough, right? Or go to an emergency room for something more serious?

Ask yourself what you would do if all of those options were taken away. Would you be able to handle yourself or tend to your family when faced with a disastrous catastrophe?

Don’t wait until disaster pounds on your doorway to prepare, because some calamities occur in a heartbeat, without warning. This medical knowledge is the ultimate "tool" you can use to barter for anything, and you’ll have the upper-hand on anyone.

Your life and the life of your wife and children are priceless. Think about how good it will feel knowing you have what it takes to protect them in the worst of situations. This guide is the only way to make sure you and your family won't cross paths with deadly medical problems.

Training classes and most medical programs sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The Survival Medic MD Guide Includes REAL Advice About Serious Illnesses That You Are 100% Guaranteed To See In A Catastrophe. And It Is So Simple To Follow And Cure, Anyone Can Do It

It’s important to both the physician and I to make this accessible to as many folks as possible. Everyone who I showed this to suggest that this guide should sell for at least $297. I do not want you to pay $297, or even half of that. As I already said, everyone deserves to know these medical secrets, and that’s why I am willing to offer you direct access to these lifesaving tips for merely $37.

Click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button below and you will get your physical copy of the Survival Medic MD guide for just $37.

That’s cheaper than a dinner date and the movies. This advice is priceless. The more folks that have this information now, the better off we will all be.

19 Book Cover

But There’s More…


In A Disaster, One Of The Worst Things That Can Occur Is Being Without Your Medication


If You Get The Survival Medic MD Guide Right Now, You'll Obtain Access To 2  Special Bonus Reports


Bonus Report #1: How To Survive Without Prescription Medicine

Live Without Medication

It can bring about health complications, pain or death.

If you, or someone you love, suffers from a chronic condition requiring medication, this exclusive report is just what you need. It shows you the way to remain perfectly safe and well using alternative treatments and techniques.

You'll know how to live a safer, healthier and self-reliant life in any disaster when prescription meds aren't available. This special report isn't unavailable at any bookstore or anywhere else on-line. And you get it absolutely free when you get the Survival Medic MD guide.

Bonus Report #2: How To Survive And Come Out Untouched In Any Disaster Scenario

Unscathed Survival

It comes without saying that both individuals and families should know what to do in the aftermath of a disaster, like if a tornado, an earthquake or a flood strikes. If you already have a family emergency plan in case of such events then you're 99.99% ahead of the rest. But whether you do or you don't you want to READ THIS BOOKLET.

With the information inside, you'll know instantly what to do in the worste disaster scenario's and how to protect you home and family from the worst possible threats encounters you can imagine. With this invaluable information, you'll come out on top and survive in any crisis.

Even if you set this booklet on a shelf for safe keeping, when a disaster strikes, you can rest assured that you'll have all the information and steps you'll need to take at a glance when you most need.

And It Gets Better...


I'm so confident you are going to be amazed by the Survival Medic MD guide that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Get The Program Now, And I Will Allow You A 60-day, No Questions Asked, Money Back GUARANTEE


What You Have Here Is A Breakthrough In Self-Reliance, Helping Millions Of Patriots Like Me And You To Outlive Fatal Ailments When Calamity Strikes

If, for any reason at all, you want to get your cash back within 60 days of purchasing the program, send me a quick email, and I will refund you ASAP.

Now there is no risk to see how the Survival Medic MD guide will save you or your loved ones. You now understand that America will sink to the level of a third world country when a major crisis hits.

Whether it's going to be a hurricane, an economic collapse or a terrorist attack that throws us back to the dark ages, there won’t be any medical or sanitation guide to save us. Everything you and I take for granted will disappear in a crisis!

22 Bravery

Children And Seniors Are Most Susceptible To Sickness Because Their Immune Guides are Weaker Than Others. This Life Saving Knowledge Promises To Save Them In Dire Straits

You could walk away from this information believing you will be fine. Yet, in a catastrophe there will be no one to help you when you need it. Doctors will be overwhelmed and will need to prioritize. Hospitals and other public services will be overrun.

I have spent a great deal of time and money researching and editing to make this info crystal clear. There is no quicker, cheaper or safer means to overcome life threatening diseases without physicians in a catastrophe.

This Is The Only Field Guide That Will Give You The Techniques Of An Expert Field Medic In Only 10 Minutes A Day


You'll not only outlive nearly any diseases and crises proven to happen in a catastrophe, you'll become a prized medical resource for your family and your community for years to come.

I am not sure how long I can offer the Survival Medic MD guide at this cost. This is merely a special offer I'm making, and there's a great chance I will be compelled to raise this to the suggested price of $297 in the forthcoming weeks. So get this while you can.

This is priceless knowledge you'll be able to use in ANY catastrophe. Knowledge is power and it's always wise to be prepared to care for your family.

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Medical MD Smaller Book
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