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Below you will find the COMPLETE COLLECTION of guides that will give you all the skills and knowledge you will ever need to prevent and even treat deadly diseases when there will be no doctors and hospitals to rely on.

While you have time, we recommend you gain access to the complete collection of medical secrets. The complete Collection will guarantee your family is protected and gives you the BARTER POWER you'll need to become the Man or Woman in charge and on top in any Crisis or Disaster scenario.

Introducing The Complete Medical Preparedness Package

Special Report #1: Practical Pandemic Preparedness: How To Survive When Deadly Viruses Infect Millions (Sold Separately For $27)

Pandemics occur over wide geographic areas and can kill millions. Between 1918 and 1919, the "Spanish Flu" decimated 1 third of the world population. And in 2009 the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) killed 280,000 people. Both have been eradicated, but the pandemic issue is far from going off the boil.

Judging by the number of victims Ebola has made so far, there's reason to believe a new outbreak is coming our way. That's why you need to be ahead of the looming danger and arm yourself with the new standard procedures for surviving any type of pandemic.

Here's what you'll find inside this report...

Medical MD Smaller Book
  • How to ensure a pandemic doesn't "get you"...with 4 simple prevention steps! Follow them exactly, and you won't need to beg for treatment or a life-saving vaccine!
  • 3 simple ways to make your own gas mask in less than 15 minutes, so you can save 100s of dollars on commercial masks!
  • Why identifying the right "moment" to bug out is more important than your location of choice! And how to recognize the "bugging out trigger" to escape so you won't become another statistic!
  • How to turn household items into wickedly effective "weapons" to fight deadly pathogens!

Survival Guide #2: Everyday Herbal Remedies For Your Survival. The Easy Guide To Complete Natural Healing (Sold Separately For $27)

In a crisis, pharmacies will be ransacked and we won't be able to rely on meds. Alternative Medicines will be the only way. This guide is a MUST HAVE in your collection as it contains natural remedies for healing and health in most any situation. 

Inside this guide you'll find the most effective remedies to replace some of the meds we're so dependent on and embrace a natural, healthy new way of life.

Inside you'll be amazed to find:

Herbal3D - 3
  • Top 30 multi-purpose plants you want to have around when SHTF. Number 19 treats 4 different diseases! These have none of the side effects most drugs come with. And you can stop paying for overpriced brand meds from Big Pharma.
  • Are you experiencing fatigue, chest pains and vision problems? 6 smart plants (in your kitchen) replace blood pressure pills, virtually overnight! So you can amaze your doctor with your new energy and strength!
  • Why you haven't heard of real alternative remedies for type-2 diabetes, yet! Plus the big, dirty secret why there's no "official" natural treatment (the "Big Pharma industry "can't cash in on something that's not patented). And the 4 natural remedies that convinced researches of their healing power!
  • 5 wonder items with a long tradition in your kitchen that have been "hiding" healing secrets! And how to use them properly, so you're always minutes and steps away from relieving stomach pain, sunburns, abscesses, etc.

Special Report #3: Pet Emergency Preparedness. How To Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy In A Crisis (Sold Separately For $27)

When disaster strikes, your pet depends on you entirely. Animals are vulnerable to disasters in a number of ways...they can fall ill, get injured and even drown. During Katrina, some people were forced to abandon their pets. And when rescuers finally came, they found them severely wounded. That's why, having an emergency medical plan for your pet is just as important as having one for you...They're also part of your family. And in a crisis, these medical tips and tricks will save your 4-legged friend's life.t.

Inside this report...

Medical MD Smaller Book
  • Top 7 pet injuries to prepare for! And how to handle them step-by-step, so you won't be caught wondering what to do or "freeze up", when your pet is struggling for its life! Plus, how to perform CPR on your pet, correctly!
  • What disaster warning signs to look for in your pet! This is important mainly because you get a few hours' notice to prepare or get out of dodge. So you'll be way ahead of the danger when the count-down begins.
  • How to easily train your pet for an emergency situation, so it won't become a burden. When the time comes, you'll both have each other to rely on!
  • 9 natural anesthetics from your stockpile that are also good for your pet. And one "smart plant" that works miraculously for treating joint pain!

Special Report #4: Fighting Chronic Diseases With Paleo Foods (Sold Separately For $27)

The rising number of GMOs in our food is seriously questioning whether or not we're getting sick because of what we're eating. After all, we are what we eat. And the Big Agribusiness is trying to make huge profits at our expense.

Remember what were your grandparents and parents eating? Did they have any of the processed food we see on the shelves today? NO. This isn't your fault. But it's in your power to choosehow to eat and stay healthy. And now, thanks to the new ancestral health movement, there is a way for you to eat just like our ancestors did. You'll learn how to cook the old fashioned way, with real ingredients while fighting back chronic diseases at the same time.

Here's what's included...

Medical MD Smaller Book
  • 23 paleo-recipes for rich, delicious meals that burn disease out of your body, so you can go back to your strong, healthy self, before you even know it
  • 5 "inside" tips from paleo experts on how to replace unhealthy foods (sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, eggs) with healthy ones. This is especially important if you want to cut down on sugar or fat and hate having to replace them with tasteless food.
  • Better than organic food. The quickest, easiest, healthiest way to feed your kids real, non-GMO food with 25 easy to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables!

Special Report #5: Smart, Easy Ways To Purify And Store Clean Water (Sold Separately For $27)

In a crisis, you should be very careful what you drink. Many water sources are contaminated and you can expose yourself and your family to unknown parasites and diseases without even knowing. So if you want to stay away from this danger or save yourself from the ordeal of struggling without water for days, than this report is what you need. It gives you several smart, easy tips for getting plenty of water in a crisis. Here's what's covered inside...

Here's what's covered inside...

Medical MD Smaller Book
  • How to use banana peels to remove heavy metal contamination from your water.
  • How to make a bio-filter on the spot in the wilderness!
  • The #1 item you can use to safely remove deadly bacteria from water!
  • 9 tips for keeping your water tank clean. Number 2 might be the most important to your health!

Survival Guide #6: How To Use Everyday Household Items For First Aid (Sold Separately For $27)

Imagine an emergency where a family member or friend stumbles and falls and opens a huge 6 inch gash on a hand or limb. There isn't a first aid kit in sight and you must stop the bleeding and prevent infection at once.

What will you do? In this special addition first aid guide you'll instantly know how to "McGyver fix" any wound or injury using everyday household items.

With this knowledge, you can treat yourself and your family at home and save the time, the money you would normally spend when going to the doctor.

Inside this report you'll discover:

First Aid
  • A "superstar" item from your kitchen to use for covering up a wound. It helps ease pain, prevents wound contamination and most doctors refer to it as "a biologically safe wound dressing". So you can buy yourself precious time when minutes and seconds count!
  • How to use a weird, yet life-saving procedure at home and eliminate kidney stones, safely. You'll automatically save yourself plenty of pain, time and money on hospital visits.
  • How to transform a widely used household item into a sterile coagulant so you can stop bleeding!

Survival Guide #7: The Wilderness Medical Guide For Survival In A Hostile Nature Envirornment (Sold Separately For $27)

The wilderness is a beautiful, awe inspiriting, amazing environment yet at the same time mother nature is hostile territory. Even for the expert, there can be unexpected dangers around every corner. All it takes is a small animal bite, a slip, a moment of distraction and you could be faced with serious problems.

Do Not even think about going into the Wilderness without reading this guide. The advice inside goes way beyond first aid and examines the most common medical situations...Helping you pull off life-saving tricks where you are, with what you have.

Inside you'll see...

  • How to turn 4 items you already have in your pocket into first-aid items so you can treat injuries in the wilderness!
  • How to deal with wild animals on their own territory so you won't become a sure prey. And what's the most important safety measure you need to take before you're wounded. This will keep hungry animals away and give you time to treat your injuries.
  • The weird reason why you should never close a wound caused by a bite. And how to treat it correctly!
  • What "7-second test" you can apply for identifying a poisonous plant! And 3 huge mistakes even most experienced people make that can put you in an early grave.

Special Report #8: Natural Healing Secrets Of Native Americans (Sold Separately For $27)

Do you ever wonder how the human race has managed to survive without modern pharmaceuticals for 1000s of years? Native Americans and many other cultures used natural remedies long before modern medicine was available.

Their healers explored the medicinal properties of plants and passed the secrets from one generation to the next. Managing to amaze the Europeans with their remedies for diseases they considered fatal. And some day in our century, all-natural medicine may be all that we have left.

So this report brings back to life the old, tested ways and time-honored techniques of our ancestors. Giving you the chance to not only cure common conditions, but also learn how to program your body to heal on its own.

Check out what's inside...

Medical MD Smaller Book
  • The 8 super-plants of the Native Americans that treat 30+ diseases! (And not one herbalist in a 1000 knows how to power them up for maximum results)!
  • How to help your body stay all natural and heal on its own! And did you know it's possible without modern meds and doctors? Fact is, all you need to do is to borrow 3 "no brainer" tricks from the Native Americans!
  • How to easily preserve your food when there's no electricity and no refrigeration. So your family will be spoiled with more than enough food to indulge their cravings!

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