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I will manage your email marketing for 1 month and get 15% to 30% more sales from your eCom customers (while keeping your brand and message intact).

This is totally turn key with no obligation. You get a boost in business and all I request is you give me a complete detailed description of your service or product you offer.

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I take the stress and questions out of email marketing, going above and beyond competitors with my wide variety of email campaigns.

From lead generation to customer retention, I cover all of your email needs, helping you maximize your profits and experience results that you never thought possible.

There are many different phases of the consumer life-cycle and if you are not taking full advantage of it you are leaving a ton of easy money on the table.

You can forget about generic emails. I deploy specially tailored, expert copy-written emails that get you the best results possible.

Think specialized content sent specifically to potential customers, exactly when it is most effective. Emails reminding customers that they have not completed checkout, converting doubtful potentials into long-term customers.
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